AllFibers conducts asbestos surveys Type A, Type B, Type G en Type 0 as per SC-540 certification guidelines

Asbestos surveys

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AllFibers conducts asbestos surveys as per dutch regulations (appendix XIIIa - article 4.27).
Clients are owners and users of real estate property or other types of constructions.
When to conduct an asbestos survey?
Prior to renovation or demolition of any commercial property built before 1994 it is compulsary by law to conduct an asbestos survey by a certified company. For private property the same applies however there are few exceptions.

Another reason to conduct an asbestos survey is for (financial) risk assessment purposes and to ascertain the work or living environment is safe.

The objective of the asbestos survey is to identify asbestos-suspicious materials, to make a risk assessment and to document the findings in a comprehensive report.
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How does AllFibers operate?
Firstly AllFibers verifies the objectives of the asbestos survey and the options with the client. Then a competitive fee for our services is provided.

Then the survey is conducted in a stepwise approach:
1. Research (construction drawings, archives)
2. Produce the asbestos Survey Plan
3. Agree survey schedule with the client
4. Inform authorities via LAVS about the timings
5. Conduct the survey (visual, sampling)
6. Laboratory sample analysis
7. Risk assessment and reporting
8. Send report to client
9. Report is uploaded onto LAVS
9. Close-out with client
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Scope of the survey

A survey can be a specific room or area. It can also be a complete building. It is important to tell us what you plan to do with the property so we can tailor our services to your needs.

LAVS - what is it?

It is an online system that tracks the asbestos from its current location to dumpyard. The use of Landelijk Asbest Volg Systeem (LAVS) is compulsory as per 1 March 2017 for all parties involved in the asbestos activity-chain.
More info: Website LAVS