AllFibers supports clients with consultancy and advisory services in the field of asbestos management, for example with second opinion, control planning, strategy, communication and prevention


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AllFibers offers a wide range of consultancy and advisory services to support clients with the management of
asbestos issues and challenges. In The Netherlands and beyond. More about AllFibers ...
Survey report: what now?
The asbestos survey report documents the materials containing asbestos. In most cases there are several alternatives on how to subsequently deal with the findings.
A classic example: remove or control?

AllFibers - wat nu?

Asbestos management
AllFibers advises organisations in the field of asbestos management. How to get most out of the budget? How knowledgeable is the organisation? Which know-how should be available at which level? How is the organisation kept up-to-date?
Second opinion
AllFibers advises on a wide range and sometimes complex situations. Independent and always with good arguments.
For example: perform a NEN 2991 survey (air- and risk assessment in and around buildings)?

AllFibers helps organisations with communication. Is the organisation prepared for unplanned events?
How to communicate with building occupants and neigbours before, during and after a project?


  • second opinion
  • NEN2991 or not?
  • removal or control?
  • tenderboard processes
  • establish control plan
  • project management
  • asbestos management
  • organisational advice
  • hazard prevention
  • communication strategy
  • communication planning
  • information events